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White Wine


Wolf Blass Red Label Chardonnay (SA), Glass 9 / Bottle 33

Hartogs Plate Sem Sav Blanc (WA),  Glass 9 / Bottle 33

Bankrock Station Muscato (WA) Bottle 30

Matua Sav Blanc (Hawks Bay, NZ), Bottle 38

Villa Maria Sav Blanc (Marlborough NZ),  Bottle 39

Borgeo Sanleo Pinot Grigio, Italy Bottle 33


Red Wines

Penfolds Rawson’s Retreat Cab Sav (SA),  Glass 9 / Bottle 30

Yellow Label Cabernet Sauvignon (SA),  Bottle 36

Pepper Jack Cabernet Sauvignon (SA),  Bottle 49

South Island Pinot Noir Marlborough (NZ),  Bottle 45

Devil’s Lair 5th Leg Shiraz/Cab Sav/Merlot (WA), Bottle 39

Jamiesons Run Merlot (SA),  Bottle 32

Rosemount Shiraz (SA), Bottle 32


Sparkling Wines

Trilogy Cuvee Brut    36

Jacob’s Creek piccolo      9.5



Veuve Clicquot  130



Mojito                                                     14

- Bacardi w fresh lime, mint over ice w soda

Bloody Mary                                          15

- Vodka & tomato juice w lemon & spices

Espresso Martini                                   15

- Blend of Kahlua, espresso & Frangelico

Margarita                                                15

- Mix of tequila, triple sec & lime

Strawberry Daiquiri                             15

- Bacardi, lime & strawberries

Toblerone                                              15

- Kahlua & Baileys, dash of chocolate &  cream

Long Island Ice Tea                               16

-  Rum, Vodka, Gin & Tequila & with fresh lemon &  coke


Many more cocktails available on request! :)

Any selection of wine can be made on request, we have on-site access to an extensive range, please ask our waitstaff 


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Beer & Cider


Cascade Light                                      7

Monyeith’s Cider                                9



XXXX Gold                                           7

Hahn Super Dry


Heavy & premium

James Boag’s Premium                     8

Victoria Bitter                                      7

Pure Blonde                                         8

Crown Lager                                        8

Toohey’s                                               7

Great Northern                                  7

Stella Artois                                        8



Corona                                                 8

Heineken                                             8



Jim Beam      7

Grants      7

Jack Daniels      8

Glenfiddich 12 yrs      9

Smirnoff Vodka      7

Bundaberg Rum      7

Bacardi Rum      8

Mount Gay Rum      8

Gordon Gin      7

Baileys      7

Southern Comfort      8


(Price includes mixer)


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Juices & Smoothies


Juices  8.5


Vitamin Sea                       (orange, apple, pineapple, watermelon, lemon)

Kickstart                              (apple, pineapple, lemon & mint)

Hangover Cure                  (watermelon, lemon & ginger)

Body Cleanser                   (carrot, apple, cucumber & beetroot)

The Green Juice              (Spinach, Cucumber, Apple, Celery, Mint)


Or make your own,  any combination.


Smoothies  8.5


Mango Tango                     (Bowen mango, orange juice, yogurt, ice cream)

Nutty Nanna                       (Peanut butter, Chocolate, Banana, Ice cream, fresh milk)

Strawberries & cream     (strawberry, banana, ice cream, apple juice)

Exotic Chai                          (honey, French vanilla, natural spices, ice cream)

Whitsunday Mojo*          (mango, passion fruit, strawberry, sorbet, pineapple juice)

Very Very Berry               (Rasberry, Blueberry, Banana, Apple Juice)


Or make your own, any combination.

*Dairy Free

Milk Shakes                6.5





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Coffee & Tea

Coffee Selection “Lavazza” Super Crema – The best Coffee!

Cappuccino 4.8

Flat White 4.8

Latte   4.8

Long/Short Black   4.5/4

Long/Short Macchiato   4.5/4

Mocha   5.5

Flavoured Latte (Vanilla, Hazelnut, Caramel fudge, Chai)   5.5

Iced coffee, iced latte, iced mocha   7.5

Mug, decaf, double shot or soy milk   0.7


Tea & Chocolate

T2, English Breakfast, Earl Grey, Peppermint, Greenn Jasmine & Lipton  (Pot)  4.8

House made lemon iced tea   5.8

Hot chocolate   5.2


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